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List of ...

Y'know, I really ought to make a list of words that I can remember the definitions while not remembering the words defined.

Today's would be cartilage.


(All the while I'm trying to not think about the giant fucking mess on the political stage in the US. Yeah. Lovely...) This post was originally made at http://misschili.dreamwidth.org/197309.html. Feel free to comment here or there, as you will.


Turner's Assic -- wha'?

Flicked on the tv, saw on the guide that nothing good and/or compelling was on, but noticed that TCM (Turner's Classic Asses, or, ummm... y'know...) was showing Ziegfeld Follies. I know that I've seen it before, for Fred Astaire's dancing or the set designs or the costumes or whatsoever, but mostly because it was on, and I just woke up from a nap. I really really need to find out how often the films get cycled through that channel, if only to find out how ...how ...how... 


More than anything, I feel like I'm trapped in a cycle, and seeing this film again reminds me how much I'm like a turd in a punchbowl. Why watch it, then? If I knew, maybe that would mean that I remembered anything worth remembering. Or maybe it's something to distract me from the eelection. Yes, eels. Well, how else could the two candidates be described as anything but eels?

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Jon Stewart doesn't look the least bit surprised at his welcome to taking over Colbert's desk at the Late Show. Fantastic! It's absolutely great to see! (And thank you to [personal profile] lady_curmudgeon for sharing it!)

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At a loss for words

Y'know, I never before thought I'd be at a loss for words. Not like an instance of 'where has The Cat taken them?', nor any sort of 'damn, this thing was here, but I must've kicked it somewhere else.' Okay, maybe more like the latter, but not in my increasingly frustrating MonSter-stolen thoughts, either. 

Facing the task of writing something for someone who deserves so much more than just a few words or a few sentences, I couldn't construct something that contained syllables strung together in a way that makes sense. Frustrating, dammit.

That was the 'why' or 'how' or whatever you want to call it behind the all too brief obituary I posted yesterday for my friend Stephanie. There are some folks who are so full of words themselves that writing something about them becomes incredibly difficult to do. All of you who did write something about her had, possibly, a similar thought.

My noting this here and now isn't meant as any sort of excuse for not writing more than I did, although I'm not even sure what it is.

EDIT: Aw, shit, I didn't get around to saying that I couldn't even put words at all on the 'obituary' that I referred to my writing. Fuck. Ellipses, that's all I could do, following her name and dates. Fuck. 
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Stephanie Clarkson, 1971 - 2016




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Hunting Pokémons.

The game PokémonGo.

Yes, I know I posted a comic about the game just the other day, but I hadn't played it myself. I still haven't played it, but Per has been taken over by it!  

No, not completely overtaken by the game, but he has been playing it quite a lot over the past day or so, and I can't remember how many pokémons he said he'd caught or captured or trapped or whatever it's called! 

So, PokémonGo, go-go!
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Um, er ...

Why is it that the names of the Republican candidates for the Presidency sound like a bad game of cards in Britain?

Trump, Pence?

I think they're worth about as much as a tuppence.


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Exit signs?

There are times when I have a thought bouncing around in my head so much and so hard that I can only let it out.

What with the UK voting to leave the EU, I'm wondering whether it will be only the first one to do so. Whether or not Damnark follows, I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did, or for others to follow, not letting the doors hit them in their collective arse on the way out.

Then, what would happen with other united states, or the United States in particular, I'm curious to see. Not that the UK's leaving the EU would put the US in a mind to do something similar, but ...

Of course, there's Scotland. I could well see their leaving the UK and, once established on their own, joining the EU. So, I guess we'll see what occurs on that front...

Ah, well, now that isn't bouncing around in my head. For now, at least. Kinda like letting a dog outside to pee in the rain. Yeah, it won't do it inside, but what will they track in once they've been out? *smirking a bit* This post was originally made at http://misschili.dreamwidth.org/195472.html. Feel free to comment here or there, as you will.


Whether weather?

For the past few weeks, it's been rainy enough to make one wonder whether an ark was being built somewhere nearby.

Today, though, it started off sunny.

Through the course of the afternoon, it's been going from sunny to sopping in seconds.

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Safari cat

A primal howl. Deep. Sustained. Forceful.

I hadn't heard Moxie make that noise in more than a year, but she let it out yesterday.

It's one of those noises that you don't forget, can't forget, never ever.

It's one of those noises that you wouldn't believe a teeny-tiny tiger of little more than 3 kilos could even make.

It happened last night, when I'd gotten up from my chair in the living room and was making my way to the bathroom, with one foot over the threshold, when I heard that yowl from right behind me. Hearing that noise just froze the air around me, splintering away from my skin as I stood there as ice-cold and still as I could.

Per had seen this, so he hopped up to re-direct her from whatever she had planned. Oddly enough, he hadn't seen this performance before, and I can't remember it coming from her like that for more than a year, but he said that he was lucky enough to have been there for just-in-cases. 

Telling my dad today about this performance, he said that his cats let out a primal yowl now and again. Perhaps she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror and mistook what she saw for a lion, as I believe one of you shared an image with me with just that!

Perhaps this was Moxie, in another personality, as Catasaurus Mox

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