Kitten heels


Oh yes, YES! Having seen this comic today, I've saved it for strange purposes.

Okay, maybe not too strange. I'm saving this to show Moxie the next time she watches me shaving my legs, whereupon I offer to shave hers as well, and she looks at me confusedly. Yes, Moxie, we'll get you wearing kitten heels and a tail ribbon yet!

On second (third and x-millionth) thought, maybe that is rather strange.

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...egging, wha'?!

Teeny-weeny thing that annoys me from time to time is the upfuckedness of words to describe clothing.

To be honest, I'm not sure that this is only in Damnark sites or if English ones have gone down this road on their own. But...


Understood that the first two are trying to imply the fabric used for the legging in question, assuming that they do mean that the leggings are similar to jeans or made from denim, but wherefortheeverlovingfuck does the word tregging come from?!

Oh, and I saw these words on Esprit, by the way.

I'll just be over here, pounding on my head repeatedly...

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Looking at IMDB sometimes leads me to odd places.

This isn't really one of those places, but ...

Searching for various Shakespearean actors and plays on IMDB led me to Joseph Fiennes, who I adored in Shakespeare in Love. IMDB always lists various bits of trivia about those listed, which led me to find out that Joseph Fiennes' full name is ...

Joseph Alberic Iscariot Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes

... really?

Ralph Fiennes' full name is Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, and all of their siblings do seem to have the multisyllabic, hyphenated surname, while Joseph seems to have two middle names.


Does his passport even have space enough on it for his full name?

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A sandwich

'Would you like a sandwich?'

'What sorts are there?'

'Egg salad, tuna salad and roast beef.'

'Roast beef salad?'

'Ummm... No...'

'Okay, roast beef, please!'

(This conversation took place at the hospital, where I was getting my monthly infusion of anti-MS stuff. Yes, this conversation saw me in one of the roles, but I'll leave it to you to figure out which.)

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Television show curiosity

Now that we're in the month of Octember, and many new shows might already have begun, or maybe they started in Septober, but I'm a bit curious as to what new things are out there that you all (yes, you!) could recommend to me.

Yes, I'm still a bit jet-lagged, or maybe more than a bit, but hey...

Jet-lagged why? Well, Per and I were in Texas visiting my parents for a couple of weeks, and we're not entirely back on the Damnish time zone yet.

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Music memories

In the subject line, I would've typed 'Musical memories,' but I don't have many good memories surrounding musicals, but music in general is always good by me.

Just now, I have David Gilmour's album, About Face, playing on the whatchacallit MP3 player.

I remember getting this album on cassette tape not long after its release, whereupon I repaired to my father's car, an eggplant purple Porsche 911, to listen to this music all alone, where I didn't have to listen to my mother at all.

(Dad, I don't know if I ever told you about my doing this, and probably did so on more than one occasion. I can remember seeing the grey garage door windows and whatever wood was around them, painted white to offset them, not only from its appearance but also tennis balls that I would try to hit against the garage, and they went off in odd directions if I hit the window frames. Okay, back to the purple pussy-powered Porsche... Or not! :-D Anyway... If you ever found your seat changed in placement or anything else not quite where you put it, I'm pretty sure that was me!)

Yeah, this album was not the sort of thing that parents are afraid their children are listening to, but to me, it was representative of pulling back into myself and finding strength and determination.

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Cats have pajamas?

Cat adventures, episode 2

What I wrote upon sharing this elsewheres:

Yes, just like Moxie the feline archaeologist in pajamas round here. What? Pajamas are perfectly (or even purrfectly) appropriate for cats to wear wherever they go!

Moxie's pajamas are striped, of course. She's a tabby, after all.

Okay, we (or maybe it was just me) only started commenting on Moxie's pajamas after seeing the episode of Ally McBeal that was on last night, in which Ally had said that, if she was ever a bridesmaid in another wedding, she'd go out dancing in her pajamas in the snow.

After watching this, Per cleaned up Moxie's litterbox and was going to take the trash bag downstairs, and Moxie really wanted to go out into the hallway, which got Per to say that Moxie was going out in her pajamas.

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Solo scooter rides

The other day -- I'd be more specific if I could remember which day, not that it matters anyhow -- I'd meant to meet up with other folks from the American Women's Club in Copenhagen at the National Museum. Per and I had even gone there last weekend, so that I'd remember -- ha! -- how to get there on the day.

In future, I really should take notes on the following:
  • who it is leading the particular exhibition outing
  • their mobile phone number
  • which exhibition in question
Yep, I didn't bring those notes with me. Okay, okay, I hadn't even taken the notes in question, which left me hanging onto the end of a tether. Luckily, any museum is a great place for me to visit, even on my own. Okay, especially on my own, as I won't be slowing anyone else down when I obsess over certain items on exhibit.

[ insert paragraphs here on which items from the Prehistory section of the museum, particularly their Viking exhibit within that section -- Vikings are prehistory? Riiiiiight... ]

Once I decided I was done, which had more to do with my starting to feel tired than really being done in any other human terms, I lit out for home, doing a few roundabouts through the museum's neighbouring streets.

Somewhere out there, I started to hear hoofbeats on the street, so I pulled to the side to see horses pulling a carriage, with two women wearing top hats with red ribbons. As they passed me, I couldn't help but think, 'Do not say "Frau Blucher". Do not say "Frau Blucher".' (For those of you who don't know this reference, see here for a quick video clip from Young Frankenstein.) When I mentioned this to Per yesterday, he said that the horses here wouldn't know that reference, not that I would have really expected any equestrian reaction, anyhow!

At any rate, I did have a good trip out on my own, having taken some photos of various pieces on exhibit.

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Watching American television shows in Denmark is an odd proposition. At least Danish tv does subtitles, not voice-overs, at least for adult shows, unlike Germany, which did voice-overs on Hogan's Heroes that absolutely defies explanation. Gah! *shudder*

Recently, Per and I started watching Ally McBeal in the 7 pm slot on TNT. It's an odd look back in time for me, remembering the fashions and trends and whatsoevers from back then. 1997? Yow, they thought they were in a mess with this, that and the other, but it hadn't even started yet!


The episode last night was the Christmas-ish episode from the first season, 'Boy to the World'. It wasn't fully Christmas-themed, apart from an office party and Ally falling face-first into her Christmas tree, needing to be pulled out by her friend. Most of the episode had to do with the trial of a young man on prostitution charges. Oh yeah, and that young man preferred dressing up as a woman, as the woman he felt she should have been. (Yeah, I'm juggling pronouns here, and some may fall into spots where they might not fit, but... *shrug*)

For anyone out there who can't remember the specifics on what happened to whom and why and where, I'm not sure I could be of much help, apart from giving a vaguely traced outline: young woman arrested for prostitution, and it's her third arrest, so she'll be facing jail time, but it turns out that she is really a young man. Ally takes on the case and comes to find how she can help this young woman do the things that are much more upscale than prostitution, hiring her for the law office. (Yeah, yeah, pronouns fit or not or whatever. Ugh. I'm trying to write this bit while I can still remember the episode. *sigh*)

At any rate, this young woman was killed on the street one night. No one knew what she was doing, where she was going, just that she was left to die. This is about where I started tearing up, and a bit of blubbering wasn't far behind.

Yes, I started crying for a character on a tv show from the last century, and I don't know why at all.

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A list of ... ?

Really, I should make a list of all the things I always forget, but I always forget to do that.

7 ... huh? wha'?

Y'know, I'd always thought that there was a dwarf named Butthole. Or maybe Shithead. Ah well...

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