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There are times, many times, in which I've looked at Moxie and said, 'I wish I could understand you. I wish you could tell me what makes you go batshit crazy, so I could try to prevent you from going batshit crazy.'

Not that I think she resembles a bat at all. We really don't need another species of animal involved. I already believe that Moxie is a raccoon in a cat's body. Yeah, trans-species. (...by which I am not saying anything about transgender folks, really! I hope you know me well enough to know that!) This comes mostly from the fact that she plays with us for a time, then takes the toy involved and dunks it into her water bowl. That's okay when it's the size of a hair band or somesuch, but not okay when it's something like her knitted catnip trilobite. 

Oh, right! The raccoon! Raccoons are known in Damnark as washing-bears, or whateverthefuck the Damnish word is. Raccoons wash their hands before and after everything. Moxie may not wash her paws as often as raccoons do, but ... yeah, Moxie is a raccoon. Stripey tail, obsession with water, fuzziness... Yeah.

By the way, understand is an odd word, I think. I know what it means, yes, but how did it come to mean what it does? Let's just say that there are some things I don't need or want to stand under so I can get what they're saying. 

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Monday the 13th?

Why not Monday the 13th?  I haven't yet looked to see whether there has ever been a Garfield strip about Monday the 13th, but that fat cat is known to not like Mondays, so perhaps there's some sort of superstition ... ?

On the subject of cats, my attention was grabbed this afternoon by the National Geographic Wild channel, about a man who was doing some of the most daring things I've ever seen with regard to lions. First, he climbed up a tree with a cameraman, rope and meat. He tied the rope around the chunk of meat, about a kilo of red meat, then lowered it down until it was about 9 feet from the ground, and he waited. A lion happened by, and its attention was grabbed by this chunk of meat, which it leapt up into the air to grab in its jaws. Straight up. 

What really grabbed me about this show wasn't so much the lion-fishing but the fact that this man was sitting on a branch of the tree that the lion could have, appetite primed after the appetizer, readily climbed for a main dish!

He didn't stop there. He climbed into a little, clear acrylic box for waiting for lions to show up for the antelope carcass on the roof?! A couple of meters square, with bars on two sides of the cube, and thick acrylic on the others. The box contains a cameraman, naturally, and the xth-generation expert on big cats. (I'm sitting here wondering about what other guys might be at hand, apart from the second cameraman.)
Hopefully, this guy won't get eaten on Monday the 13th! 
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Eggy day?

From An Open House for Butterflies, which I just now read about on Brain Pickings!


I like this, and I'm going to keep it close at heart!
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What if a cat won't eat a clam?

Okay, it wasn't a clam but a mussel, and a very smoked one at that.

Per brought some smoked mussels home from shopping last night, and Moxie was mewing right on his heels from the time he walked in the door.

Imagine this:

Really?! Yes, that is really what happened, until Per cut open the container, placed one on a plate, then cut it into small pieces, laying it down on the floor.

Moxie stopped mewing and sniffed at the bits of mussel, whereupon she looked up at Per then at me with her usual expression of, 'What? Do I have to chew it too?!', but she surrendered and nibbled at one and another and twother and throther, casting aside the black bits that probably fulfilled some disgusting biological function.

One for me, as I decided I really didn't want more than that, and Per had a couple more on his own.

Fast forward to later last night, as I lay in bed reading, suddenly hearing an impossibly loud 'ICK!!!', followed by a feline screech! Per walked into the bedroom, with little Miss Underfoot following and mewing loud and high enough to shatter glass.

Propping myself up a bit so as not to be trampled by Moxie, I looked at what Per was holding and what Moxie had decided was YES! GOTTA HAVE! NOW!

a teeny tiny crab

Apparently, the mussel was killed just after dinner. No, there weren't more than one crab, nor hush puppies or fries or anything else. (:-P) Bending to Moxie's desires, he put the crab on the floor to have it pounced on by little Miss Mew-Machine. She took it up with her front nibbling teeth, shaking it from side to side and then side to side again, to be sure it was dead. Her lips closed over the crab, only to spit it out again. She tried it again, dropping it back to the floor in the shortest instant possible, only to decide that it was something for her to bat around and chase.

Too crunchy, we've surmised. Too crunchy, but she will want to try another, if it comes to that!

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Rabbit stuff

Yesterday, Per and I went to a gardening shop to look for plants.

Okay, I was looking for plants, while Per picked up soil and pots and other such stuff.

Late in the visit, we were looking at wooden animals, such as sheep and bunnies. Milk and white chocolate wooden bunnies.

There was just one small problem: their ears were intact.

Yep, not a single bite had been taken from the bunnies' ears.

And, no, Per did not let me rectify that matter.

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Carnivorous ... ?

It's odd how searching for one thing can end you up in a whole different, unexpected place...

For example, I searched for carnivorous Pac-man, only wanting to find an image of Pac-man with teeth or just one to which I could add some teeth. What I found was that and more.

Carnivorous toads ?!

Yep, toads with teeth that tend to snack on other tadpoles.

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Bingo ... ?

Yes, one of the stations here in Damnark (DK4) runs bingo on Friday afternoons.


Yes, really.

I just happened to see it as I was flipping through every flipping channel.

They show the numbers that were called, alongside a video of some waves on on of the many beaches that exist here.

I could only watch it for 30 seconds before wanting to bang my head.

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Cat behaviour therapy

Cat behaviour therapy is pretty well non-existent, as cats are the creatures who want what they want when and how they want it.

For example, the physiotherapist just came over for one of my weekly sessions, when I was already in the bedroom and -- what? it's the closest thing I have to any sort of athletic space! -- and he shut the door behind him, leaving Moxie out in the hallway. 

Once the workout session was over, I said, 'So, we'll have to see how Moxie handled being shut out.'

'What, like being pissed off?'' he asked. 

Opening the door, I found Moxie sitting at the other side. 'Nope, she's not pissed off,' I said, 'although maybe hissed off.' 

He didn't even know how to parse that statement, so he let it slide, taking up his jacket and bag, and leaving for the day.

*  *  *  *  *

Cats being hissed off isn't a phrase I think I've heard elsewhere. Not to say I absolutely hadn't heard it, but either I did or I coined it on my own.
When I was about 11 or 12, my parents picked up a tabby from the animal shelter for me. The way I remember finding out about this cat was that my parents picked me up from dance class, and they had something wrapped in a towel. Encouraging me to open the bundle, I peeled back a corner to see a brown tabby looking back at me. Her name, they said, was Abby, and they'd gotten her for me because I had been having so much fun with our other cat, Nataha, so they 

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What amazes me, Baldrick, is how you managed to get so much custard out of such a small cat.

-- Blackadder,
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Call me ... ?

 It's been a long time since I've been able to eat anything spicy. A looooooooong time. I'm trying to think up a new journal name, but that's coming up dry, as in drier than a ... really dry thing, I guess.

This is where I turn to you for ideas. Got any?

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