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Mystery South Park episode

Thanks to Damnark's tv listings, we know that Comedy Central will be playing the following at 20.00:

South Park (2)

There's no indication of which season this will be the second episode, so we're assuming that it's from the 20th season. The second episode of the 20th season did just come out a few days ago, so that's what we're hoping for. 

At least they -- whoever 'they' would be -- don't forget the season numbering and just list episode numbers sequentially. At least not for this show. Other shows have not been so lucky, leaving viewers wondering which episode number falls into the usual season-episode numbering.

Yeah, take this for example:

M . A . S . H 127

First, they must have concluded that a period didn't need to follow the H because there wasn't one in front of the M. Acronym? Pah. They don't exist in the 'language' of Damnish, so it doesn't fucking exist at all. Second, each episode is numbered, so who's to care whether the episodes are numbered sequentially? Again, Damnish.

Fuck it all.

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Boarding call to Mars flight ...

Why in the ever-loving fuck did I have to rely on seeing a year-old episode of the Graham Norton Show to find out about NASA offering flights to Mars?

Okay, NASA isn't really offering flights to Mars but boarding passes

No, no, not really boarding to any flights to Mars, which would make that last sentence into some sort of paradoxical sentence

From the site:
All submitted names are reviewed, approved and then etched onto a microchip which is sent aboard the spacecraft and journeys to Mars. Here is a picture of the chip that flew on the first test flight of the Orion spacecraft with 1.3 million names inscribed.
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Star talk?

If you talk to the stars, do they answer back?

Yeah, I'm not referring to people stars but astronomical ones.

Yeah, yeah... Maybe it depends on what drugs you've recently taken.

Really, though. Neil DeGrasse Tyson has a new book out, StarTalk: Everything You Ever Need To Know About Space Travel, Sci-Fi, The Human Race, The Universe, And Beyond. It looks like a heavy one, and I'm referring to shipping weight, not to subject matter, unless you want to start talking about atom weights and all, but if you do, you might find that I've drifted away from that conversation.

Would that this book were available on Kindle, but it doesn't look to be. Say what you will about electronic books, but the Kindle is a real life-saver for me. Having trouble lifting -- ah, no, not the initial lifting, but holding same said -- heavy things, where 'heavy' means anything more than a pound or half a kilo, presents more and more of a problem for me, with this GDMFing MonSter on my back, reading books has come to be much more trouble than it might have otherwise been, if there were no devices like the Kindle. 

And this is where I'm going to fade off into the distance...

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Remember when you first came across the term 'virtual reality'?

I remember it from the '90s, although I don't know what context. 

Here it is, 20 or so years later, and I'm seeing lots of frcking VR headsets in adverts here in Damnark. 

Being stuck with the frcking disease I have -- fuck you very much, MS -- I might be better off if I lived in a VR headset.

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Nine years.

(Incidentally, I know full and well that there are other sorts of things to observe on today's date, but I'm just going to nod my head in silence and continue to post what I'd started.)

Nine years. As of a few days ago, not today nine years ago. Anyway...

Per and I have been together for nine years now. He is truly the most patient man I've ever met, and he would have to be patient to put up with my f*cking illness and all the cr@p that goes with it.

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Wha-- oh...

Does this sh!t happen anywhere else?

A movie is made about, say, landing an airplane on a river, but that was somewhere else, so Damnish news has to take it up and celebrate a Dane who ...who...who did something similar, whenever that was.



Anything that occurs elsewhere has to be made Danish. Even if it had absolutely nothing at all to do with Damnark, it has to be made Damnish.

Just waiting for a 'discovery' of the axis of the planet being centred in Damnark. Well, hey, to them, it is.

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Birthday present

Diana, I wish you were here so I could give you a birthday present that is even better than this, but seeing this story struck me as something you would really like:

Octopod -- no, wait! Octobot!
This squishy eight-armed machine is the world’s first fully autonomous soft-bodied robot. Researchers at Harvard University created the octopus by three-dimensional printing, using silicone gel, which gives it its flexible, rubbery texture.

Farty octobot!

Oh yeah, and it farts!

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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. 

Albert Camus

Thanks for posting this on your daily comic, Mutts!

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Happy birthday, Diana

Happy birthday, Diana!

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Really, Scandinavia, WtF is it that calls for pasta to be sauced with ketchup?

Yes, along with tomato-based sauce.


While we're on that topic, WtF is it that makes any of you -- yes, any of you -- think you can make Mexican food just by getting some sauce packet that calls for even less tomato sauce than the ketchup you squirt onto your pasta?


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