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Paul Gaugin in Damnark

Paul Gaugin apparently had a lust for things worldwide.

Okay, maybe not fully worldwide, but more than France. Yeah, Gaugin married a Danish woman, had five children with her, and lost his job as a stockbroker due to the market collapse, deciding that losing his job meant that he could paint every day. And, no, his wife did not like that idea at all, as he

pursued his artistic ambitions, leaving Mette at home with the children, her maternal instincts bred material claims. She saw no future in her husband’s artistic ambitions, particularly as she became aware of how socially handicapped he had become. He seemed entirely incapable of making contacts and was unable to secure himself employment with any of the art dealers he had approached.

Under the increased financial pressures, Gauguin became more abusive towards his wife, who righteously sailed off to Copenhagen to investigate job opportunities. She then returned with the news that there was great interest in Impressionist works in Denmark, and that she could earn money teaching French.

Yep, and then they came to Damnark, where his dislike or destestment of the country showed through any attempt he made at hiding it. Okay, he didn't seem to try to hide it at all.

“I deeply loathe Denmark, and the Danish people, and the Danish climate. There are many other things that make me hate Denmark, but they are private reasons that one ought to keep to oneself.”

He found the conversation stifling and detected false modesty among the Danes.

“You have to get used to the kind of conversation you hear every day. They ask me questions like: ‘Coming from such a great country you must find everything here much behind the times. We are so small. What do you think of Copenhagen, our museums etc? They are not of much account.’ And all of this is said to make you say just the opposite. And you do so, presumably out of sheer politeness. You don’t forget your manners.”

To be forthright, I think that such 'manners' haven't changed much in this country made up of blue-cheese islands, and it's possible that other folk think the same. Ah well, for those of you interested in following this story, here's where I came across it today:

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Tiresome tv

Y'know how tiresome daytime tv is?

Yeah, well, put another language on it, and it becomes 10 times more tiresome.

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Blackstar Wars?

Okay, last night, Per and I watched The Phantom Menace (or whatever the real title is), and here are a few things that have stayed with me since:
  • What was that large black ship with an enormous wingspan that was V-shaped? Was it a craft based on an archaeopteryx or Quetzalcoatlus?

  • Han Solo and General (?!) Leia's son reminded me of the knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail that would not die, claiming that each lost limb was 'but a scratch', all the while looking like the lead singer in Dead or Alive ('You spin me right round, baby, right round')

  • Okay, the film's title wasn't The Phantom Menace, although that makes me wonder whether that could be a name for a potent sort of fart, but it was The Force Awakens, which really does seem to be a name for a fart, the sort you have after drinking all night and having a kebab and waking up to a muddled head and nasty gas
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If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die I want to go where they went.
Will Rogers

Thanks, Mutts, for this daily fun quote!

Much as I agree with Rogers as quoted above, I'd like to add cats into the mix, too! For me, of course, not him!

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South Park's Snoopy

I might've said this before, but ...

In the Peanuts comic strip, there was apparently a change in it when the focus drifted from the kids to Snoopy. As for me, I liked what followed thereafter, so ... *shrug*

But in the South Park cartoon-whatsit, there seems to have been a shift in focus from the kids to Randy Marsh, Stan's dad.

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Moxie v. Magpies

Moxie really doesn't like the magpies, but the magpies don't seem to like her either.

The other day, during one of her stand-offs, I said that this must really be the Chirpacabra, like the Mexican creature of a similar name.

It's true that Moxie isn't a socialite, nor even a socialheavy. She is the rattlecat. When she's calm, she may look like she's lying down, but the rattlecat is coiled.

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20th century, done.

This week, I watched a documentary about how Daft Punk was formed and performed since the '90s. 
Gee, with seeing Moulin Rouge recently, I might possibly be up to living in the 21st century.

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...I guess that's solved now.

If there were any questions still out there, that is.

Yes, the question at hand being 'Is Gale a cat lady?'

When I rang up my doctor to ask for an update on a script, he asked after my cat.

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Toilet roll animals?

Okay, this has nothing to do with kittens meeting the amazing toilet roll for the first time. If you want that, I'm sure there are plenty of sites with videos of just such a meeting!

No, I'm wondering about how toilet roll or toilet paper came to have animals on their packages. One company has polar bears, while another features puppies, and I'm sure there are others, but I'm pretty sure none has kittens.

I'm also sure none has narwhals or cuttlefish or other creatures of the sea, but if there were, I'm sure they would rank higher on the cute-cuddly range than kittens. Kittens are cute, and they can be cuddly, but they also have sharp bits that would love to strike out at anything tender in an area that would not do well with being scratched.

Still, I'm wondering about polar bears. I'd thought they were advertising Coke, not things that you'd use for wiping your butt.

Also, I'm feeling like I've tread down this road before, so perhaps I should just end this now.

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Usually, my crying out, 'Bird!' .brings Moxie running to see what sort of bird she is being offered as prey of the day.

It doesn't much work when the selfsame bird is a magpie, though. She knows how mean those f*ckers are.
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