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That's it.

Yes, that's it.

What is the 'it' in question?

Not anything to do with the It in South Park or the character It in The Addams Family.

Final proof that, despite teetering on the edge, I have finally gone insane. Ipso facto nutso me.

This morning, I sat down in The Red Chair and thought that I'd have a little cranberry juice before I laid back with Moxie for our daily nap. I grabbed one of the containers sitting here on the table, opened it and poured it into one of the short glasses -- no, not shot, but highball, I guess the term is, although why it's called a highball for a rather low glass, I don't know -- for a few seconds before I realised that I was pouring yogurt into a drinking glass. 

Raspberry or rhubarb or whatever it was, it was not cranberry juice.


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A group of groundhogs?

No, a group of groundhogs isn't called a Bill Murray or anything similar to that. A group of groundhogs is apparently called a repetition

Whether or not Punxatawney Phil sees his shadow, the people who put him up to this nonsense year after year should shave the groundhog. No, this isn't any sort of sexual thing but rather to make the groundhog suffer along with the rest of us as we wait for warmer weather!

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Forgotten? More like forneverhadtostart!

So, yeah, ozswede deleted her journal, for whatever reason she had, it's all her own. I'd wanted to thank her for her recommendation of a series, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

The clothing styles and fabrics are divinely gorgeous. Ozswede (whose name I cannot remember, despite trying!) had said that I'd covet all of the clothing in that series, and I do. 


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I'm no musician, and I couldn't even find my way around a sound board if you threw it at me, but I do find stories about the mechanics of sound interesting, and I'm sure there will be a lot more as time goes on after David Bowie faded out, but this one about making Heroes with him really fascinating, so ...

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MS progression halted using ...

... tooth-meat.

Okay, it's gums in English, but tooth-meat is the Danish word, literally and/or figuratively translated.

So, what brought me to that translation or -figuration or whatever else you want to call it?

A story from MS Views and News, which I regularly read:

A couple of questions not necessarily related to this story:
  • what became of ozswede?
  • is this the treatment you sent me a story about, Carolyn?
  • listening to so much David Bowie music for the past 10 days or so hasn't gotten as grindingly boring as one might think it could be...
  • From QI Daily: The Forme of Cury, a 14th-century English cookbook, has a recipe for porpoise haggis.
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Flowers for bats?

A few weeks ago, Per caught my attention to show me something he wasn't sure how I'd take. So...


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David Bowie

Yeah, yeah. If you're bored hearing about David Bowie, just scroll down the page, since anything I have to say here now will bore you to tears.

This is, almost in entirety, a response I wrote just a few minutes ago. It's copied and pasted here, without taking incisive looks into too much, so if there's anything that doesn't fit, well ... It doesn't, so you can tell me or not, as is yours to do. 

Thank you for sharing all of these things about David Bowie. All week long, it's only been his music that have been on our speakers here. I've heard his last album now however many times it's been on now, and I've not yet parsed through each of the songs from it, but ... Yow, Lazarus looks like a difficult video to watch, so I'll just place that to the side for a while. 
Oh, and the facts you've added at the end... I'd known about his eyes but hadn't thought of he and Mick Jagger as lovers, but seeing the video they were in together -- on Family Guy, of all places! -- yeah, I can envision such a thing happening! I didn't know about his declining knighthood, but yeah, I can see how it wouldn't represent him.
I've always been fascinated by his many alter egos or costumes or whatever they're called, and seeing them 'in the flesh' as it were isn't going to happen for me, so seeing them online is the only way I can, and I've seen a couple of sites already with them, although I've not put energy into looking at them. Yeah, energy is in short supply... Ah, well, here is one of the sites that I look forward to looking back into! :-D
The Victoria and Albert Museum, of course

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RIP David Bowie

 Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit FUCK.

David Bowie has been one of my long-time favourites, not just for his performance or songwriting, but for his wildly different alter egos. 

Sht shit shit shit shit shit shit shit FUCK.

Rest in peace, David Bowie, if that's at all possible for you.

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Lio Comic Strip, January 11, 2016 on GoComics.com

Wow. I doubt that's either Vincent Price or Jeff Goldblum in there, so it's either a new remake of the film, or Lio has inci- or accidentally created a really quantumnormous something!


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