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"What day is it?"
"It's today," squeaked Piglet.
"My favorite day," said Pooh.

-- A. A. Milne

Thank you, D. Glenn, for posting this X days ago and for (hopefully!!) making people smile a bit, as it's made me do.

(Oddly, this made me wonder why Piglet didn't have a mother. There were Kanga and Roo, yes, but where is Sow to Piglet?)  This post was originally made at http://misschili.dreamwidth.org/169882.html. Feel free to comment here or there, as you will.


MS Walk/Run?

Okay, knowing that MS walks or runs or whatevers are for the cause of finding the cause of MS. Still and all, they're just like an extra jab in my arse, as if to say, 'Ha! You can't walk or run! So fuck you!'

That is all for the day. Or the week. Or the month.

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Happy birthday, Diana!

Diana, happy birthday to you!

Without going into detail -- because one shouldn't go in the tail, but ... no, not the butt, either, so... :-) -- I'm posting this video I found of The Muppets doing "Lime in the Coconut"! ...except, gosh darnit, I can't figure out how to embed the freakin' video here ... :-S

http://youtu.be/O9Qaf5YZ5iU src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/XGSy3_Czz8k?autoplay=1">" alt='?' /> This post was originally made at http://misschili.dreamwidth.org/169222.html. Feel free to comment here or there, as you will.

Rarer than rare

Did You Know?

If you like your steaks rare you might say “I like them bloody” but the red liquid that comes out of a rare steak isn’t actually blood (the majority of which is removed during slaughter) but water retained in the muscle tissue mixed with a protein called myoglobin.

from How-To Geek newsletter
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Blueberry doughnut?

Wednesday afternoon, I was in the hospital to get my regular (not small or large) (no, they don't work that way) Tysabri infusion, First, though, Per and I stopped to grab a drink from the shop on the ground floor.

I was sitting in my wheelchair out in the hallway while Per stepped in, and I was being teased by the sign for a blueberry doughnut with white chocolate icing. 

Yeah, that's so not fair.

It sounded amazingly good to me, but not to Per. 

Ah well, the little blueberry doughnut's life was spared.

At least until the next person came by...

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"All the comets you've ever wanted to go to, rolled into one."

comment from one of the people working on the project,
from a show on Discovery last night about the Rosetta lander
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Starting up with reading an article I really shouldn't have started, but I did anyway ...

Argh. I can't go back to write whatthehellever I was thinking about, but here is the written torture device:


I followed a link to the following intently interesting, fierce article that I swear I've read before and may have linked to herein previously. Since I can't be arsed to search for such a link, don't bother doing so yourselves. And onward to the snippets from said article:

What demonoid could come up with such a disease, a fiendish thing that forces you to watch yourself disappear but then doesn’t have the good manners to finish you off? One of my greatest fears as a youngster, having been eleven years old when the film Jaws came out, was being eaten by a shark. Well, now I am being eaten by a shark, only it’s invisible, takes its good time, and somehow lives inside me. And it’s a hungry fucker, seemingly insatiable.

Sheer terror can be an energizing force, as the medical world is learning through the tremendously transformational patient advocacy being done on behalf of CCSVI research, a movement whose spirited core is animated not only by the horror of the damage the disease may wreak, but also at a dogmatic medical profession that seems stuck in neutral, unable to give up on theories that are treated as fact despite there being little or no evidence to back them.

( ... )

As with all things in nature, the darkness of fear is accompanied by the light of courageousness, as is demonstrated every day by those of us who by sheer power of will make it through another stanza in the face of pain, weakness, and frustration, more often than not speaking nary a word of the terror within. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we scream, but most of the time we just go about our business as best we can, and that may be the most courageous act of them all.
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Apps and feedback on everything?

Why is it that everything requires filling in a feedback form?

Every. Frickin'. Thing.

Every online experience, and coming to include real-world experience.

Yeah, now I've gotten mail from the hospital asking for me to fill in a form online about how good or gratifying or whateverthefuck my latest experience at the goddamnmotherfucking MS clinic turned out out to be.

Depending on my mood, I might say that my latest experience was good or bad, if I'm still alive to respond to the form.
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I’m the kind of person that is very, very creative when I have stability. All the times, like when I lived in LA and at other points when I was unemployed, thinking that I had all this time to do everything, I just didn’t do anything.

-- The Exit Interview, Blue Man Leaving the Blue

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The subtitles said ...

A BBC show about cooking primed my interest today. I wasn't expecting this sort of thing to pop up there, though.

Nigel Slater started off telling a story about a dish he had a taste of however many years ago, and he was going to recreate it there. It was lamb with yoghurt sauce, which sounds tasty to me. Having looked up the recipe online, I turned my attention to the subtitles.

Having heated up the pan, Slater was priming it by adding some oil, some sort of dill oil, I suppose it was because the subtitle in Damnish read


Yes, I saw only the first five letters in the word, which led me to wonder, 'Okay, the oil I get, but how does the dildo factor into it?!'

(Not at all seriously, I hope you all know!)

(Oh, and the Damnish word for dill ends in a silent d.)

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