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Dick Head for President!

 Slipping onto YouTube just now, I came upon this video from the Nine O'Clock News with Dick Head, or, ummm, Rowan Atkinson, circa 1980 with an absolutely fantastic campaign for presidency!

Like it or not, it is entirely possible that Dick Head will be in the Pink House, so ,...

Okay, okay, just you watch!

...and that didn't work. Fart. Take two...

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WotD today is sangfroid, in honour of today being Sangfroiday.

Oooookay, today's Friday isn't any different from any other, but I just happened upon the word while reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, which might otherwise be known as The Ginormous Brick of a Book, but it isn't. It's one of those words that I knew that I knew when reading it, but I don't think I'd ever had a purpose for using. 


sangfroid (noun): composure or coolness shown in danger or under trying circumstances

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Favourite Cat of the Year?

Ummm... Yeah, if there were an award for the favourite cat of the year around this place,, Moxie would not win. She would't even.make the top 5.

Let's just say that she attacked my arm last night, while I was sitting in the red chair drinking some ginger beer, causing said beverage to spray all over me and much of the surrounding floor.

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Neon arrows or wha´?

There must be neon spots under my skin.

Or arrows. Or something similar.

I've been having trouble stretching out my left arm. The elbow just didn't want to cooperate. 

So, the physiotherapist showed up for my workout, and I told him about my uncooperative elbow, so he reached out to my arm, not directly to the elbow but above it, pressing the muscle or ligament or tendon or whatever it was, which made my eyes pop open wide and my mouth release an 'OooooooooooW!'

However it was he found that spot, he did. My elbow isn't fully cooperative yet, but it's better now than it had been.

But yeah, knowing anatomy well is the reason behind it, but having neon 'Press Here' under my skin wouldn't be out of question. :-D

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An hour, once it lodges in the queer element of the human spirit, may be stretched to fifty or a hundred times its clock length,

- Virginia Woolf

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Emmy wha´?

The 2016 Emmy Awards are now airing on Danish television.

Yes, the awards show from two weeks back.

It took them that long to do the subtitles, or subshitles, as I sometimes think of them.

Yes, the awards show for so many tv programmes that will not be aired here in Damnark.

Somebody, please find the brain-smashing hammer that I seem to have mislaid.

(Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.)

Update: last night, once I was in bed, I realised that the Emmy Awards were being shown here because of The Game of Thrones. The show features at least one Danish actor, thereby making this extremely important in the Danish world-view.

Yeah, I'm still missing the brain-smashing hammer, so ...

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"Prompt people never get to make grand entrances."

-- Michael Chabon, 'My Son, the Prince of Fashion', GQ

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Mystery South Park episode

Thanks to Damnark's tv listings, we know that Comedy Central will be playing the following at 20.00:

South Park (2)

There's no indication of which season this will be the second episode, so we're assuming that it's from the 20th season. The second episode of the 20th season did just come out a few days ago, so that's what we're hoping for. 

At least they -- whoever 'they' would be -- don't forget the season numbering and just list episode numbers sequentially. At least not for this show. Other shows have not been so lucky, leaving viewers wondering which episode number falls into the usual season-episode numbering.

Yeah, take this for example:

M . A . S . H 127

First, they must have concluded that a period didn't need to follow the H because there wasn't one in front of the M. Acronym? Pah. They don't exist in the 'language' of Damnish, so it doesn't fucking exist at all. Second, each episode is numbered, so who's to care whether the episodes are numbered sequentially? Again, Damnish.

Fuck it all.

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Boarding call to Mars flight ...

Why in the ever-loving fuck did I have to rely on seeing a year-old episode of the Graham Norton Show to find out about NASA offering flights to Mars?

Okay, NASA isn't really offering flights to Mars but boarding passes

No, no, not really boarding to any flights to Mars, which would make that last sentence into some sort of paradoxical sentence

From the site:
All submitted names are reviewed, approved and then etched onto a microchip which is sent aboard the spacecraft and journeys to Mars. Here is a picture of the chip that flew on the first test flight of the Orion spacecraft with 1.3 million names inscribed.
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Star talk?

If you talk to the stars, do they answer back?

Yeah, I'm not referring to people stars but astronomical ones.

Yeah, yeah... Maybe it depends on what drugs you've recently taken.

Really, though. Neil DeGrasse Tyson has a new book out, StarTalk: Everything You Ever Need To Know About Space Travel, Sci-Fi, The Human Race, The Universe, And Beyond. It looks like a heavy one, and I'm referring to shipping weight, not to subject matter, unless you want to start talking about atom weights and all, but if you do, you might find that I've drifted away from that conversation.

Would that this book were available on Kindle, but it doesn't look to be. Say what you will about electronic books, but the Kindle is a real life-saver for me. Having trouble lifting -- ah, no, not the initial lifting, but holding same said -- heavy things, where 'heavy' means anything more than a pound or half a kilo, presents more and more of a problem for me, with this GDMFing MonSter on my back, reading books has come to be much more trouble than it might have otherwise been, if there were no devices like the Kindle. 

And this is where I'm going to fade off into the distance...

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